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Manuela Kron

Corporate Affairs Director of Nestlè Group in Italy. Corporate and Brand Communication Managing Director in charge of Media Relations and Public Affais for the three business branches (Nutrition, Water, PetCare). Formerly Consumer Communication Manager (Media, Below the Line and Corporate communication) in Colgate-Palmolive, and External Relation Director for Comieco/Sistema Conai (Consortium for packaging recycling).

Overcoming a virus nightmare: why and how companies protect their people at all cost

Companies can be severely hit by an outbreak of flu pandemic that could spread around the world within a few weeks or months. Viral transmissibility, morbidity, mortality rates could vary from one country to the other.

Guidelines from Health organizations are taken extremely seriously.

The key objective of Nestlé, as well as many other companies in the world, is to safeguard the health of its employees and their families, maintain the safety and quality of its products, and minimize the potential disruption of a flu pandemic globally.

On these basis and from the example of the recent NH1H experience, Manuela Kron shows how Nestlé is equipped to provide its employees with the best possible support to face the crisis and to inform them, in good time, of any steps they need to take in the event of a flu pandemic. And the impact and some second level effects when a flu pandemic alarm goes off.


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