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Chiara Tonelli

Chiara Tonelli is Vice-Rector for research and Professor of Genetics at the University of Milan, and leader of the group of Plant Molecular Genetics at the Department of Biosciences.
Current member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO), and former member of various scientific committees and advisory boards in Italy and abroad. She currently sits in the evaluation panel of the European Research Council (ERC) for the allocation of Advanced Grants, and is a member of the Scientific Committee of the JPI European Programme "Healthy Diet for Healthy Life." Former member of the European Commission Advisory Group on "Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology." Current member of the board of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO). Former member of the Patents and Technological Transfer committee of the University of Milan, the Committee of Biology and Medicine of the National Research Council (CNR), and the Commission for Biosafety of the Ministry of the Environment. She has published over 100 articles on international scientific publications and led several projects sponsored by Italian agencies and the European Union. 
She cooperates as a reviewer with several scientific publications Molecular Cell, Molecular and Cellular Biology, EMBO Journal, Plant Cell, Plant Journal, Plant Molecular Biology) and research grant agencies (USDA, EMBO, TWAS, Human Frontier, ERC). Since 2005, she acts as the Secretary General of the international conference "The Future of Science," a series of conferences focused on science and the society which brings together leading experts from various disciplines, to present and discuss the impact of scientific development on the society. 
Her scientific interests range from the foundations of plant biology to biotechnological applications. Her studies focus on deciphering the logics behind transcriptional and gene regulation in plants, both during their development and in their interaction with the environment.

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