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Karin Metzlaff

She works with the EPSO members and other partners to promote plant research in the European science policy agenda by providing advice and recommendations to politicians at European and national level. In addition she organizes conferences and workshops to bring together top scientists discussing cutting edge science and ideas for future research. Karin is a member of ELSF (European Life Sciences Forum) and ISE (Initiative for Science in Europe).

She  is  member  of  the  Steering  Council  and  the  Executive  Committee  of  the  European  Technology  Platform “Plants for the Future”, which she coordinated from 2004 to 2008. She works together with her col eagues from industry,  such  as  individual  companies  and  ESA  (the  European  Seed  Association)  and  from  the  farming community  (CopaCogeca,  the  European  farmer  organizations)  who  jointly  published  a  vision  and  a  strategic research agenda for the plant sector in Europe in the coming 20 years. Karin is now coordinating a joint initiative of nine  technology  platforms  in  the  Knowledge-Based  Bio-Economy  (KBBE)  area  to  foster  collaborations  of  all stakeholders across the food and feed and the non-food chains.

Karin  has  post-doctoral  research  experience  at  the  John  Innes  Centre  Norwich  (on developmental  biology  and photorespiration), the Federal Health Office in Germany (on molecular biology of animal pathogen bacteria), the Martin-Luther  University  Hal e  (on  molecular  biology  and  plant  species  on  natural  and  contaminated  biotopes). She obtained her PhD and diploma at the Martin-Luther University Hal e (plant genetics and molecular biology) and studied biochemistry there. 

Round Table on Water and Food Research: Europe and beyond - science, policy and strategy

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