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Timothy Hall

T.J.  Hall  worked  as  a  research  scientist in  the  UK  before  joining  the  Commission  services  in  1983, becoming  Head  of  Unit  for  S&T  Cooperation  with  Developing  Countries  in  1994. He  has  also headed units in the Quality of Life Directorate under FP5 and in the Health Directorate under FP6. His  current  position  (since  October  2006)  is  Head  of  Unit  for  Agriculture,  Forestry,  Fisheries  and Aquaculture  with  primary  responsibilities  for overseeing  the  management  of  projects  in  these  areas supported  under  FP6,  and  implementing  the  Activity  "Sustainable  production  and  management  of biological resources from land, forest and aquatic environments" in the FP7 Theme "Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology".  Since 1 September 2007, he also holds the position of Acting Director for Biotechnologies, Agriculture and Food. 

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