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Margherita Agnelli de Pahlen

Margherita  Agnelli  de  Pahlen  was  born  in  Switzerland  in  1955,  daughter  of  Giovanni  Agnelli  and  Donna Marella Caracciolo. She has eight children.  
Mother, teacher, writer, artist: she has a strong social commitment.
One of  her major social commitments is her  role  as  co-founder and  vice  president  of BlueOrchard,  a Swiss asset  management  company  that  specialises  in  managing  portfolios  which  invest  in  companies  active  in microcredit in developing countries. Among those managed with the guidance of BlueOrchard is Dexia Micro Credit  Fund,  the  first  European  SICAV  founded  with  the  explicit  objective  of  financing  companies  that
specialized in microcredit.  To keep track of BlueOrchard’s work in developing countries, Ms De Pahlen has been travelling on numerous trips to South America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe over the past few years.   

She is recognised in Italy as the  Ambassador  on  Microcredit, being very active in promoting the  microcredit culture in Italy and abroad with institutions, companies, banks and media such as:

  • Oslo - October 2007 her speech opened the work of the “2007 WIN Forum”.  
  • Milan  -  November  2007  participated  at  the  conference  “Bridging  the  gap  -  Microfinance  as  a  new investment asset class”, organised by Bocconi University.  
  • Milan - March 2008 she participated at the second edition of the Women Leadership Forum organised

by Sole 24 Ore.

Since  2006,  in  conjunction  with  the  Turin  Municipality,  she  has  been  promoting  a  project  to  help  street children. The Vil a Sole community was opened on June 2008.

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